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Tory District Councillor defects to UKIP

4th January 2013

Mid Suffolk District Councillor, Frank Whittle is the latest politician to desert the Conservative Party and join the UK Independence Party (UKIP). Former Mayor, Cllr Whittle, who represents Stowmarket North, will be standing for re-election in May 2015 under the UKIP banner having grown thoroughly disillusioned with life in the Tory Party.
Commenting on his decision to join UKIP, Cllr Whittle said: ”I am sick and tired of all the political correctness and of politicians who are all mouth and no action. I am known for speaking my mind and this has meant that I have become persona non grata with the local Conservative Party, which has begun easing me out of everything, including the committees upon which I have been serving for many years.
“I had also become very disillusioned with the national leadership of the Party. I met David Cameron during the course of my duties as a Councillor and he did not impress me. He comes across as Tony Blair mark II. His policy on the EU is a shambles and his sudden conversion to gay marriage, which formed no part of the Tory manifesto at the last General Election, leaves me speechless. How can such a deeply distrusted Prime Minister from a Party badly lagging in the opinion polls take the decision to ram that policy down the throats of Party members and the country at large?”
“I am very much looking forward to being a part of UKIP, a Party that puts Britain first and which isn’t afraid to speak out on the controversial issues of the day.”
East of England UKIP MEP, Stuart Agnew said: “I am delighted to welcome Cllr Whittle on board. He brings a wealth of local government experience and will be a major asset to our Party, when we fight elections in the future. I look forward to working with him. He is part of a growing haemorrhage of good people who are leaving the Conservative Party, recognising that it has gone off the rails and joining UKIP.”
A publican and hotelier for most of his career, Cllr Whittle has a strong public service record having served as a councillor in Stowmarket for more than ten years. During this time he has served on the licensing and emergency planning committees. He was responsible for the ban on pedestrians drinking alcohol on the streets of Stowmarket.
He lives in Stowmarket with his wife Audrey. The couple have two grown up children and three grandchildren.

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