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Stuart Agnew

EU membership “compels us to find homes for travellers says MEP”

12th December 2012

Responding to news of Basildon Council’s decision to give planning approval for a traveller site at Gardiner’s Way, Basildon, East of England MEP, Stuart Agnew has pointed his finger at the EU. “Our membership of the EU compels us to find homes for travellers. As a result of it, we have an open border to over 400 million people. Basildon Council and any other council, for that matter, are in a no win situation.
“However, I have no sympathy for their plight because EU membership in perpetuity is policy for all three of the traditional political parties. Therefore, it is fair to say that Basildon Council is merely carrying out Coalition and Labour policy.
“The taxpayer is the big loser in this situation. The eviction process at Dale Farm cost over a million pounds, now the traveller movement is to apply for a million pound grant to set up the new site, just down the road!
“In my view, Britain badly needs to regain control of its borders so that it can put a stop to this kind of nonsense, but it can only do so by leaving the EU. I will continue to campaign for exactly that outcome.”

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