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Stuart Agnew

Climate Gate

10th May 2019

In November/December 2009 a large quantity of internal emails relating to conversations between climate scientists at the UEA were leaked. Many of these emails created a strong impression that the scientists were manipulating data to suit the global warming agenda. Please Google to get the full extent of this.
No one has discovered who leaked these emails although I am very grateful to them for doing it. It is a measure of the influence and weight of our establishment that there have not been any serious consequences to the university. 
Most scientists agree with the concept of man-made climate change?  Please click here to understand that this is not the case.
I’m also compiling a list of scientists whose speculations are related to climate change. Those with an asterisk against their names have suffered financially either by having research funds withdrawn or by losing their positions after having published scientific papers that ran contrary to the religion.

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