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Romanian Parliament breaks EU law on corruption - Stuart Agnew MEP calls for reciprocal action from the British Government

10th December 2013

The Romanian Parliament on Tuesday (10th December 2013) exempted top politicians and lawyers from corruption crimes, in a move which conflicts with the accession agreements it has signed with the EU.  Stuart Agnew, UKIP’s MEP for the East of England said:  "The Romanian Parliament’s decision to approve laws which compromise their accession agreements, means that our Government is fully justified in breaking the EU law which allows Romanian citizens free access to the UK labour market from 1st January 2014.
“The British Government should now initiate reciprocal, unilateral, action extending the labour market restrictions on Romanians, which are due to expire at the end of this year.  If the Romanian Parliament fails to stick to its EU obligations then why should anyone else?  In these circumstances, the House of Commons is entitled to act.  It should take similar action against Bulgarian nationals because their Parliament has broken its accession agreement by extending the ban on land sales to non-Bulgarians.   Why should the British be the mugs of Europe and comply with EU law while the parliaments of Romania and Bulgaria flout it with impunity?”
Bulgarian Members of Parliament (22nd October 2013) controversially voted to extend the ban on the sale of agricultural land to foreigners (this is all foreigners, including EU Citizens) until 2020.  The ban was due to expire on 31st December 2013, but now has been extended until 1st January 2020. 
Dropping these restrictions was a commitment Bulgaria made as part of their EU Accession Treaty and most are now expecting Bulgaria to be severely sanctioned by the European Commission. 
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