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Agriculture Commissioner gives MEP unusual assurances on conditions for sheep headage payments (20.11.13)

20th November 2013

Speaking during a debate in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on CAP reform (20.11.13), the UK Independence Party’s agriculture spokesman, Stuart Agnew MEP has drawn an unusual commitment from European Agriculture Commissioner Dacian Ciolos.
Mr Agnew challenged a European Commission decision to restrict headage payments on sheep to females, which he described as “misusing its powers.”
“When the EU inspector turns up on the farm, at a moment’s notice, to have a look, those sheep have got to be gathered up and the inspector will have to get down on his knees and lift the tail of every single sheep, which is a dirty, and smelly job, to assess the gender of that sheep.  The weather won’t be very nice either.
“Commissioner, which of you and your gang down there is going to volunteer to do that job?!”
In reply, Commissioner Ciolos told Mr Agnew to “Worry not” as “neither he nor other UK experts will have to raise the tails of sheep as part of the inspection programme.”
The full exchange can be viewed at:

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