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Stuart Agnew MEP slams EU legislation that imposes 40% gender quotas on company boards

19th November 2013

During a debate in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on gender balancing in companies listed on the stock exchange (19.11.13), UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew has fiercely attacked the EU for attempting to “fight discrimination with more discrimination” which, in the process, “rips up” Habeas Corpus.  The EU is proposing to force companies to have boards containing a quota of at least 40% of women directors.
Mr Agnew said: “By setting a 40% gender quota target for companies, you are destroying the very nature of a free society based on merit.  
“Article 4 (of the proposed legislation) says that it shall be for the company to prove that there has been no breach of the rules.  This rips up the justice system of Habeas Corpus in the UK.
“Amendment 54 threatens shareholding voters by warning them against non-compliance with the directive.  Amendment 39 wants to add the forced dissolution of the company to the list of EU sanctions.  This is pretty heavy.
“UKIP amendments delete these draconian sanctions and we even propose an opt out clause.  UKIP believes that men and women should be hired on individual merit, not on the basis of gender.  You do not fight discrimination with more discrimination!”
The full speech can be viewed at:

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