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11th July 2017

There are at least 20 AGRI Committee meetings per year, which are split into either two or three sessions of three hours duration; say 50 sessions per year. In my eight years I would have attended approaching 400 sessions. On not one of these occasions have I witnessed the chairman notice the absence of a particular MEP at the beginning of the session and delay the meeting. The only exception to this is when a particular MEP is expected to introduce the first item on the agenda. I therefore feel genuinely flattered that I am making enough impact on these meetings for my presence to be considered significant.  Please see 'Latest Speeches and Videos'.
I can assure UKIP members that I have not 'gone native'. My comments are either genuine questions about something that I have heard in the meeting or outright 'downers' on the policies being put forward. Out and out UKIP purists would say that I shouldn't get involved in these meetings at all. However, I take the position that if I have the opportunity to make a policy less bad for British agriculture than it might otherwise be, I should take it.

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