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Stuart Agnew MEP speaks up for nation states having control of regional branding

17th September 2013

Speaking during a debate in the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee on regional branding, in Brussels (17.09.13), East of England UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew has spoken up for the nation states having control over regional quality branding.
Mr Agnew pointed out that under the present system, which he described as “a minefield”, manufacturers seeking regional branding, such as Melton Mowbray pork pies or Stilton cheese “have to get the EU’s permission.  They also have to wait with baited breath to see if any other member state objects to their being able to have the right to that recipe.  I think that’s quite wrong.  It should be the member state which decides on this.
“I suggest you leave this to the member states concerned and don’t interfere with one another’s traditions.”
The full intervention from Mr Agnew can be viewed at:  http://www.ukipmeps.org/articles_717_EU-should-leave-food-branding-to-member-states-concerned---Stuart-Agnew.html

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