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Stuart Agnew MEP condemns EU for attempting to distort British democracy in 2014 euro election

5th July 2013

Speaking during a debate in the European Parliament in Strasbourg (03.07.13) on the arrangements for the European Elections next year, East of England UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew has condemned the EU for what he described as: “Another attempt to distort democracy in Britain.”
Mr Agnew, was talking about EU plans to introduce pan-European political parties into the European Election campaign, financed by the taxpayer.  The plans include putting the logos of these parties on the ballot papers.
He said: “You will simply confuse the voters.  Virtually nobody in the UK has heard of the AECR, which is apparently the euro name of choice for what used to be known as the Conservative Party.  However, by using these strange names, it is possible to use UK taxpayers’ cash to finance their campaigns.  Say no more.
“By all means try to get the UK to permit political broadcasts from these pan-European parties on the media but no genuinely British political party would want to be associated with this undermining of our political system by the EU.

You are just trying to create the concept of a European demos, and hoping that British taxpayers’ money will do it for you.  It won’t.”
The full speech can be viewed at:   http://youtu.be/jcERBZf9O8A

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