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Stuart Agnew berates European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee

20th March 2013

Stuart Agnew, the UKIP MEP who recently joined the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee, has intervened during the Committee’s latest session in Brussels on 20th March; to demand that agenda items actually be discussed.  The Committee had spent 45 minutes debating about what to debate.
His frustration clearly showing, Mr Agnew said:  “This meeting has now been going on for 45 minutes.  We have reached agenda item 9.  We have postponed decisions on all the agenda items.  I haven’t been a member of this committee for very long but I have lived on the coast of Britain or close to it for most of my life and I have watched the devastation of the fishing industry there.  I come to this committee where decisions are made and I’m beginning to see why things are going wrong.”
Mr Agnew, who lives in Norfolk, ended his intervention with a demand for control of British fishing to be returned:  “I could not think of a better reason to repatriate the fishing industry of Great Britain to Great Britain.  Are you going to discuss any of the agenda items today?!!”
Mr Agnew’s intervention generated audible laughter in the committee.
Mr Agnew’s intervention can be viewed at:  http://tinyurl.com/chr79xv


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