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Stuart Agnew MEP describes European Parliament as an “elected dictatorship”

12th March 2013

In a hard hitting speech during a debate on the 2014 European Elections, in Strasbourg (12th March 2013), East of England MEP, Stuart Agnew (UKIP) has described the European Parliament as “an elected dictatorship”.
Mr Agnew was commenting on proposals for cutting the number of MEPs from some EU member states.  He said: “There can be few better examples of how undemocratic the EU is.  In the various schemes being mooted in the report, it is the medium sized countries that will be downgraded.  MEPs from other countries will dictate the terms of the downgrading of the medium sized countries concerned.  Yet, if their voters are dissatisfied with those who have voted for their downgrade, they cannot remove them at the ballot box.  ‘Undemocratic’ is the kindest word for this, gerrymandering is the reality.”
He was particularly scathing about proposals to force member states to hold the 2014 European elections on the same day.  “Now we hear of proposals to force the UK to hold its elections on a Sunday – to force the use of European political parties and to dictate the contents of political broadcasts.  Go ahead, just see how that plays to the people of the UK!”
He concluded his speech with his view of the European Parliament:  “This is no democratic institution.  It is an elected dictatorship.”
The full speech can be viewed at:  http://tinyurl.com/d6yyzt3


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