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Paterson as “impotent as a bullock or a gelding" in horsemeat scandal

12th March 2013

During a debate in the European Parliament on the horsemeat scandal today (12th March 2013), East of England MEP, Stuart Agnew (UKIP) has described the Secretary of State for Agriculture, Owen Paterson, as being “as impotent as a bullock or a gelding” in attempting to deal with the horsemeat issue.
Mr Agnew, who is the Party’s spokesman on agriculture, pointed out that: “13 years ago the British Government stupidly allowed the EU to have total competence over all aspects of food law.  What has been uncovered in recent weeks is a demonstration of gross incompetence.
“The paper trail system that the EU has adopted to assure the provenance of produce is wide open to fraud and, as the EU becomes ever larger, it expands into countries where fraud and corruption are a simple fact of life.
Mr Agnew made it clear that under the previous system operated by the British Government: “the substitution of horse for beef would have been easily detected.”
He said that it was: “depressing to note that many of our own British Members of Parliament assumed that our Secretary of State for Agriculture had the authority to act decisively in this matter, when in reality he is as impotent as a bullock or a gelding.”
Speaking after his speech, Mr Agnew said:  “It needs to be understood by Parliamentarians and voters alike that the Government no longer governs our country and, in this situation, it could not even act to protect the health of the British people.  It had to go cap in hand to the EU, to beg for action.”
The full speech can be view at: http://tinyurl.com/cx5doyg


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