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Stuart Agnew

David Cameron ‘fiddles while the EU burns our country’

23rd January 2013

East of England UKIP MEP, Stuart Agnew has described the Prime Minister’s ‘Europe’ speech as “fiddling while the EU burns our country“.

Mr Agnew said: “Whilst I am pleased that the option of coming out of the EU is now openly on the political agenda, Mr Cameron is attempting to sandbag the British people with a re-negotiation which he is not in a position to offer. He is like a football manager asking for his team to be allowed to have an extra goalkeeper and two handballs before a penalty can be given against them. The other teams aren’t going to allow it! What he is suggesting simply isn’t an option.

“For too much of the speech, he sounded like a slick, showroom salesman for the European Union, making any number of highly contentious statements about the EU being good for you! He also accurately outlined the many problems with the EU and the need for it to change, problems which UKIP has been pointing out for years but he made not a single meaningful proposal about how to put them right. The EU is a rigid structure with no will or mechanism for change.

“The other problem with his statement is that any referendum can’t happen until 2018 and all his plans rely upon his re-election. He is a long way behind in the opinion polls and this morning’s attempt to kick the EU debate into the long grass of the next Parliament, will not improve his popularity ratings. The British people are sick of the EU’s endless interference in the way we run our country and the appalling cost of our membership. They want action now, not five more years of prevarication.

“Mr Cameron should have announced an in/out referendum straight away, not five more years of dithering.”

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