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Global Warming Disclaimer

30th June 2019

My own qualification is in Agricultural Science which I acknowledge is not Climate Science. It is however much closer than the qualifications of actors and celebrities.  Elsewhere in this section can be found the names of professional scientists. 

Marine physicist Dr Peter Ridd victorious in his case against James Cook University

17th May 2019

Marine physicist Dr Peter Ridd has been victorious in his case for unfair dismissal against James Cook University in Australia, but his views as a climate sceptic were not on trial. The controversial scientist was sacked by JCU in 2018 after being censured for allegedly breaching the University's code of conduct. Among JCU's grievances were that Dr Ridd had publicly criticised the work of...

'Fixing' the Earth's climate

14th May 2019

You may be aware of an initiative being launched by scientists at the University of Cambridge. A new research centre will develop new ways to repair the Earth's climate. It will investigate radical approaches such as refreezing the Earth's poles and removing CO2 from the atmosphere. This was reported by many main news outlets, including the BBC. The Cambridge team is to be led by a notori...

Event: The Climate 'emergency' and Cambridge University 'fixing the climate' - St Ives, Sat 8th June

14th May 2019

With the hysteria surrounding the appearance of Greta Thunberg at the Extinction Rebellion circus and on copious news channels now subsiding, a period of reflection is now in order. Peter Hitchens wrote a blog about this remarkable young lady: Yes, Miss Greta Thunberg, back when I was 16 I knew everything too... And she is remarkable. But she is also wrong.   A most revealing and helpful c...

Climate Gate

10th May 2019

In November/December 2009 a large quantity of internal emails relating to conversations between climate scientists at the UEA were leaked. Many of these emails created a strong impression that the scientists were manipulating data to suit the global warming agenda. Please Google to get the full extent of this.   No one has discovered who leaked these emails although I am very grateful to t...

Update: Global Warming

1st May 2019

There are 3 environmental issues being conflated. The first is wastage of fossil fuels – politicians can affect this by policy making. The second is plastic pollutants – politicians can affect this by policy making. The third is changing the world’s climate – politicians CAN NOT create any policies for changing the world’s climate.  No politician can change t...

UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew authors a parliamentary opinion concerning climate change

30th April 2019

In the summer of 2018 I found myself with the opportunity of drafting an ‘opinion’. As a rule, in fact never, do UKIP MEP’s author reports or ‘opinions’. However on this topic I spotted a golden opportunity to discredit the religion of man-made climate change. This ‘opinion’ appears below and was presented to parliamentary agriculture committee in Septe...

2010: 1000+ Scientists Challenged Man-made Global Warming Claims

24th April 2019

Historic, but very interesting: More than 1,000 dissenting scientists (updates previous 700 scientist report) from around the globe have now challenged man-made global warming claims made by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and former Vice President Al Gore.   This new 2010 321-page Climate Depot Special Report - updated from the 2007 groundbreakin...

Global temperatures drop for third year running

7th January 2019

The Global Warming Policy Foundation 'New paper documents key reasons for international controversy about IPCC’s SR1.5 Report - click here for report.   The Global Warming Policy Forum 'Global Temps Drop For Third Year In A Row - The Top 12 Debunked Climate Scares Of 2018' - click here for report.

Treasured National Leftie Goes Bananas

10th December 2018

The very excitable St David Attenborough is attracted to hyperbole as flies are drawn to the jam pot. If he were a woman, instead of being only rather effeminate, we should call him Hysteria. Yesterday he emerged from – insert any one from: the monkey house, the south pole, the international quango HQ – to warn us, “Time is running out to save the planet.”    ...

GM Crops and Organic Farmers

6th April 2017

Frequently the sole reason for objecting to GM crops is fear of offending organic farmers. The following two articles take some of the shine and romanticism out of organic farming. I practised this myself for five years and was embarrassed by the large number of weeds that I grew, the small amount of food that I produced and the amount of public subsidy that I received.     Analysi...

GM Chickens That Don't Transmit Bird Flu

3rd February 2017

Chickens genetically modified to prevent them spreading bird flu have been produced by researchers at the universities of Cambridge and Edinburgh.  To read full story please go to  

My Personal Experiences of the Global Warming Scam

16th March 2015

(PDF version available in Research Centre)   It started in the mid-eighties with a communication that the University of East Anglia were hosting a day-long conference on the new threat facing mankind -'catastrophic man-made global warming'. This came as quite a surprise to me because a book published in the 1970s, ‘The Cooling’, predicted exactly the opposite.    &n...

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