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Ten years fighting for Brexit in the EU Parliament - Vote UKIP on 23rd May

Your candidate for the European Parliament

As the leading candidate for the UK Independence Party and a UKIP MEP for the Eastern Region for the last ten years, I seek your vote for my party in the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament on Thursday 23rd May. We have been campaigning for Brexit for 25 years.

My time as your MEP

During my two terms as your MEP, I have performed the role of ‘formal opposition’ on your behalf to new legislation, but always voted in favour of budget amendments which seek to reduce MEPs financial benefits. All this is on record. My voting participation record is over 90% with attendance at funerals being responsible for many of my absences. I have not lost a single day to ill health in these ten years.

All letters from constituents are answered promptly and, where required, backed by considerable research. You can view this on my research page. I take my responsibilities as your MEP very seriously and work hard to act in your interests. I even visited a constituent in a disgusting Cypriot prison and secured her release on bail. (May I warn all my constituents that participation in the Single Market does not guarantee equivalence in the justice systems of other Member States).

Norfolk farmer and industry expert

I have used my expertise as a lifelong livestock and arable farmer to engage in constructive opposition as a member of the EU Parliament's Agriculture & Rural Development Committee, where I am often described as ‘a lone voice in speaking up for British farmers’. I have consistently opposed the payment of subsidies that support bull fighting in Spain. This is your money. Apart from the chairman, I have made more speeches in the committee than the other 43 members.

Fighting for Brexit, fighting for the ‘small man and woman’

Whilst NGOs lobby the European Parliament on social and environmental issues, and whilst large corporations pay full time lobbyists in Brussels, very small businesses and self-employed people struggle to find a voice there. I take a particular interest in their problems and represent them to my best ability. These individuals are the life blood of our economy, they need Brexit today. I regularly advertise the activities of the European Parliament in Regional newspapers. No other MEP does this.

My fellow candidates in the Eastern Region are:

Paul Oakley
Elizabeth Jones
William Ashpole
Alan Graves
John Wallace
John Whitby

Please vote for us on 23rd May and help us secure a better Brexit for Britain. You can view and download my campaign leaflet here.